Загадки на английском языке

Across the lake

I row and row.

The harder I pull,

The faster I go.

What is it?



I am grey. I can run.

I cannot catch a cat.



Red and round.

Grows underground.

I always taste hot,

Even when I’m not.



I grow in the dark,

but I come up white.

On a pizza or a salad

I am a delight.

But beware their trick

If you eat the wrong kind

they can make you sick.



Why are dogs such poor dancers?



The pilot takes us

Up so high—

A giant “bird”

Up in the sky.

What is it?



I can swim. I am white.

I can catch a fish.



A lot of spots.

A long, long neck

A funny scarf.

It ‘s a … GIRAFFE.


There was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies. What is it?



Up in the sky,

Above the clouds,

Propeller whirring

Fast and loud.

What is it?



I am a pet.

I am soft and furry.

I like to sleep and drink milk.

I don’t like mice and dogs.

I say «Meow, meow».

I am ….



What starts with T, ends with T and is full of T?



Green and long

With many teeth.

Beautiful smile —



You smile when you name it.

The mouse likes it very much.



When you cut me up

I will make you cry.

I smell really strong

but I don’t know why.

On the white page I can be found

In your garden I’ll be underground.



Food Clean, but not water, White, but not snow, Sweet, but not ice-cream. What is it?



Big yellow doors

Swing open wide.

To get to school,

We ride inside.

What is it?



As red as fire,

With a fuzzy tale.

He likes long walks.

It is … A FOX.


I can run. I can climb.

I can catch a mouse.



Which alphabet is a hot drink?

(T – TEA)


“All Aboard!”


We go speeding

Down the track.

What is it?



A very long nose.

It grows and grows.

Не is huge and likes fun.



I live in the woods.

I’m very big and furry.

I have a big nose, a little tail and four legs.

I like to eat fish and berries.

I am a…



With seat belts on,

We drive around.

We stop and go

All over town.

What is it?



The more you have of it, the less you see. What is it?



I am grey. I can run.

I can catch a hare.



Lives in seas and rivers..

His hands are like two pincers.

As round as a cab. Who is it? —

It is … A CRAB.


I am round like an apple. Flat as a chip. I have eyes, but I can’t see one bit.



Likes so much

To toss his mane.

Eats green grass and macaroni.

Who is it? – It is … A PONY.


Look at my face and you see somebody Look at my back and you see nobody.



I have 4 legs and a long tail.

I like to run fast.

I let you ride

on my back.

I eat hay.

And say «Neigh, neigh».

I am ….



What’s black when you get it, red when you use it, and white when you’re all through with it?



So colorful and bright,

Is fond of talking much.

Likes eating carrot

It is … A PARROT.


I am purple, yellow, red, and green The King cannot reach me and neither can the Queen. I show my colours after the rain And only when the sun comes out again.



I live on a farm.

I am pink.

I have a little tail.

My nose is called a snout.

And I say «Oink, oink».

I am ….



Which stars wear dark glasses?



I am green. I cannot run.

I can jump and swim.



What do cats have that no other animals have?



It is very red and sweet, And it is good to eat.



Which is the shortest month?



Which side of a cat has the most hair?



What goes up when the rain comes down?



It is round, with sausage,

tomato and cheese on top.



Name a vegetable that is

brown on the outside and

white on the inside.

And it grows underground.



Which month has 28 days?



Why do lions eat raw meat?



I have a white and heavy flower,

and it is packed with vitamin power.

My name is long and

rhymes with tower.



I have 4 legs and a tail.

I am very smart.

I like to play with you.

When I see a cat,

I say «Woof, woof»

I am ….



What has to be broken before you can use it?



Name a tiny, round green vegetable

that grows in pods.

It starts with «P.»

Children like it.



I am green. I can swim.

I cannot jump.



When do hippopotamuses have eight feet?



I have four legs and a tail.

I have no teeth.

I can swim and dive underwater.

I carry my house around with me.

I am a…



Why do birds fly south?



Name a big orange vegetable

that you use for decoration

on Halloween.



What has a neck, but no head?



Green and round,

rabbits like it.



If I wasn’t green,

I would be seen

as my cousin cauliflower’s twin.



What is always coming, but never arrives?  



I am small and shy.

I have eight legs.

I eat bugs.

I catch them in my web.

I am a…



What belongs to you, but is used more by others?



I am yellow and brown.

I have 4 long legs and a very long neck.

I like to eat green leaves.

I am a …



I am orange. I can run.

I can catch a hare.



Name a vegetable that is green

on the outside and  white on the inside.

It starts with «C.»



Where can you find roads without cars, forests without trees and cities without houses?



I am brown. I can climb.

I cannot jump.